A Better Way to Sign-In


Secure, Multi-Factor Biometric Sign-In

Asignio multi-factor authentication enables safe, cross-device sign-in protected by synchronous biometrics. It eliminates passwords and protects your accounts by using two biometrics at the same, increasing security. Asignio is accessible on any device, in any language on a web-based platform, easily implemented with just a few lines of code on any system.


How It Works


Personal Signature 

A unique changeable glyph to draw on any touchscreen device


Face Recognition

Turn the camera on while you sign to ensure liveness


Voice Analysis

Add voice biometrics to recover your account 

Increase Customer Trust

50% of consumers who have had their accounts compromised

do not continue to do business with that company.

A New Take On Security

Transaction Confirmation & Approval


Asignio Promise

We believe that users should be in complete control of their biometric data and have a right to steward that online data however they choose. Asignio was designed for the privacy, protection, and security of our users.


Asignio collects biometric data related to handwriting traits & facial features solely for the use of protecting and securing user identity. Biometric data is never sold for the purpose of advertising revenue.